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Way back in 2020 Tommy and his team went to Barrow to investigate claims of a grooming gang operating in the town.

A politically connected young woman known as Ellie Williams posted graphic pictures of injuries she had ‘allegedly’ suffered at the hands of Muslim groomers (sexual exploiters) who had trafficked her to different towns and cities across the UK to be gang raped and abused.

Her story went viral, even Maggie Oliver got involved to support her and her family.

What Tommy and the team found out, was that Ellie was a less than reliable source, in fact Tommy found out she had previously accused other men of beating and raping her, one of those young men was Jordan Trengrove.

Ellie accused him of causing her ABH (actual bodily harm) as well as raping her, on three separate occasions, and breaking into her home to cause her these injuries and carry out a sexual assault. Jordan got remanded and spent more than three months in prison on the back of her accusations against him.

He was later released from prison as the police investigation found that Ellie had set up a snapchat account under his name, and texted herself with the most grotesque, explicit threats you could imagine – to implicate him in a crime he never ever committed. Imagine if you will, just for a moment, how that would affect a young man.

His life was destroyed.

Then there’s Mo Rammy, a Muslim business owner, a well known and ‘colourful’ character in the town of Barrow, he too was implicated by Ellie Williams, not for rape, but for trafficking her to different towns and cities in the UK to be gang raped by Asian Muslim men, this was also untrue, imagine for a moment if you will, how that affected him and his family.

Other Muslim business owners in Barrow were implicated, but, as it turned out, those Muslim business owners had nothing to do with anything they were accused of, in fact, it later came to pass that Ellie had ‘consensual’ sex, and was even in a relationship with Asian Muslim men in the area.

Barrow – A Town On Fire

Barrow was a tinder box, ready to explode at any time, Tommy had the opportunity to put things right, he could have made this information public two years ago, so that the accused could have had their names cleared, their lives back, and, more importantly, justice. However, the police in Barrow made sure Tommy was arrested and as a consequence, an injunction was placed on him, preventing him from entering Barrow or even reporting his findings.

It has only been now, after a court case finding Ellie guilty of contempt of court (lying about the accusations she made online), that Tommy can now publish his findings.

Tommy and all of us here at Urban Scoop hope those who have been falsely accused find time to heal, move on with their lives, and know that the truth is now out there for all to see.

The implications of Ellies case brings many difficulties, difficulties for any young women or girls who are ‘genuine victims’, who are sexually exploited, beaten, raped, and dehumanised by grooming gangs operating all over the United Kingdom.

Ellie has caused so much damage with her lies, but she will have to live with them for the rest of her life, while those falsely accused will be able to live out their lives with a clear conscience.

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