The Rape Of Britain – Part 1 – Nicole’s Story

At Urban Scoop we don’t care much for political correctness, we don’t care much for media cover ups or cowardice, we view a lack of journalistic integrity as a blight on the global population, and a consequence of political handwringing coupled with corporatist, globalist, neo liberal hegemony. We don’t care about name callers, we don’t care about politically correct platitudes, we don’t care much for corruption, cowardice or capitulation. We care about getting to the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Our team at Urban Scoop embedded themselves in Telford (the “type 1” child rape epicentre of the United Kingdom) for more than 18 months to bring you this documentary. Survivors of grooming gangs approached us, we interviewed them, and in very gruesome and graphic detail (with their consent) we found not only common patterns of behaviours (from the offenders), but also corroboration as to who was actively engaged in the pimping, raping, molestation, torture and abuse of vulnerable underage British girls, even “pre-teens”. Of the survivors we spoke to, many didn’t know each other, but they all told very similar stories. They gave us names of men who they accused of raping them, we laboriously tracked down and covertly investigated these “alleged” child rapists for nearly two years. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column]


Watch The Rape Of Britain – Part 2 – The Family Business below.

Please support our incredibly important work so we can continue to shine a light on child sexual exploitation by CLICKING HERE. In part 2 of our investigation into child rape gangs operating in the sleepy Shropshire town of Telford, Tommy Robinson and the team at Urban Scoop speak to another survivor (who’s identity we have hidden for her safety), she gives a harrowing account of her lived experiences as a child who has been sexually exploited by middle aged men. This brave woman opens up her heart, she gives her account of the grooming process which ultimately led to her being gang raped hundreds of times as a child by well known Bangladeshi and Pakistani men in Telford town.  

Watch The Rape Of Britain – Part 3 – S.A.V.E

Sarah’s story, is as with any of the women we have spoken to, is another sad example of a childhood destroyed by a sexual predator, one who groomed and raped her at an early age. However this episode is more focused on a very positive outcome. Despite her childhood trauma Sarah wants to help others who have been let down by the system and ignored by institutions that were supposed to protect young vulnerable girls. Tommy put Sarah in touch with some professionals who can provide training and counselling that will make a huge difference to survivors of child sexual exploitation.  

Watch The Rape Of Britain – Part 4 – Ahmed Nawas

Episode 4 of The Rape of Britain. Ahmed Nawas was responsible for the death of teenager Becky Watson who was only 13 years of age at the time of her death. Becky was groomed and abused from the tender age of 10 by Muslim child rape gangs in Telford. She was allegedly raped by knifepoint.