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Hey guys/gals,

How are you doing? Hopefully getting somewhere close to normality after all the madness of the past couple of years. I wish I could say I was. The ‘Lawfare’ harassment seems to go on and on by the week. It gets you down, I’m sure you can understand.

What with all the courtroom dramas of the past few years, from the ridiculous contempt case to the Libel with the Syrian schoolboy Jamal, it’s a wonder I’ve managed to get any actual work done. But as I hope you’ve seen, The Rape of Britain continues to stun audiences as we expose vile subhuman child rape gangs in Telford.

But another project I finally managed to finish was the follow-up to my 2015 autobiography, Enemy of the State. ‘Tommy Robinson – Silenced’ brings my roller-coaster journey up to date. I also hope it tells the other side of my story, the one that absolutely zero Mainstream Media morons care to tell.

Early in the book I describe how on the first day of my libel trial, the courtroom was packed with journalists, all eager to hear about my supposed crime. When I thought it was my turn to make an opening statement, the judge told me to sit down. He said I’d get my chance the next day and all the journalists would be there to report that.

I looked at them. I looked back at him. I almost kept a straight face. Because as you’d expect the only people who turned up after that was the Press Association staffer who has to keep tabs on the trial, plus a Far-Left blogger. In the book you can read my side of what happened next.

We would have had this to you earlier but our email system got taken down. Just like that. For no actual valid reason other than perhaps they don’t like me publishing threats to rape and murder my children from alleged child rapists. Silenced, again, just as I have been by every public platform over the last few years. They can try to cancel me, but they can’t physically stop me telling my side of the story.

Tommy Robinson – Silenced is for sale on Amazon and also at If you want the truth about the last six or seven years, you might want to give it a read.

Thank you for your support. It really has helped keep me going through all the dramas.

Keep well and stay safe,